No APIs. No iFrames. No embeds. No restrictions.

Video transcoding in it's simplest form

<video controls>
</video> brings to you (by far) the easiest way to transcode videos. For all those who have used similar services on the web know how painful a job this is, unnecessary thought process, which one would rather invest elsewhere, we are here to end that permanently.

This is how you are going to get the job done from now on:

  1. SIGNUP Enter the host name (e.g. and path to the directory where you keep your videos (e.g. /uploads/vids/).
  2. LOGIN You can find the approval state and account_id from your dashboard.
  3. USE Use the accountID and the remaining path to the the videos in the src attribute of video element. (e.g.

Thats it!

Really, thats it.

You can login to your dashboard and use it to track all your videos and usage. All users get 15 minutes of free transcoding. Once you are satisfied and truly believe all your transcoding problems are solved forever then we want you to tweet @transcodeio and help us grow.

Our plan is to charge $0.030 per minute of video transcoding after we do a production launch.

This service is not yet ready for production implementation.
The output is fixed to 360p 16:9 with mp4 container for now. Soon we will have configurable output resolution and format.